About Us

Kohan has been a main supplier to bakers, wholesalers and food producers, from standard retailers to well-known household brands.
We give a wide scope of fixings chosen from the UK around the world by our team of experts..

It all started with a box of walnuts…

Kohan Food was founded in 2015 by the avid entrepreneur Omid Tabrizi Fini (OTF or simply Omid) who turned his passion and experience in food products into a trustable and likeable brand.

Despite the solid background in larger operations including running chain pizza shops in Holland, Kohan Food had a very humble birth when Omid repackaged a gifted 10kg box of walnuts and sold it to family, friends and a couple of restaurants in small bags.

After getting 100% positive feedback and requests for more products, the inception of a serious business would be the next mission. Kohan, which means “ancient” in Persian is now part of the life style of many individuals as well as a main provider for the hospitality industry.

Our mission is to add value to your business and or your lifestyle by brining you the best fusion of science and nature at affordable prices.